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Anytime Unlimited calls from Your Landlord and 2 Smartphone to 68 international destinations!

Anytime unlimited calls to landline and mobile in 34 internaional destinations!
Anytime unlimited free calls only to landlines in another 34 internaional destinations!

 Dial 0844 720 2368, 1P/min!
Just dial this number from BT landline,then dial the complete international number (including the country code) after you can hear the dial tone. You're connected!
No need to register and open account. you just need to dial the country code and normal phone number of the country you are calling. From landline

 £6.60/month, you can call 36 of our most popular international destinations directly from BT landline - include Hong kong, US, Canada mobile and Cheap calls abroad to another 199 international destinations . Only 12.5p connection fee per call. No any other charge.
 £1.25/month, directly Call 236 international destinations from BT landline for 2.6p/min. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a fee of only £1 a month. (8p call set up fee applies).
 Order broadband, you can add weekend, evening & weekend or any time free UK landline calls( starting from 01, 02, 03).And then buy an international phone card. So you can make cheap international calls just as you call UK landline.
 Usually, you can call 30 destinations directly with free of charge.
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